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is like few other concepts. Our Firm is skilled and flexible enough to be what you need us to be, while holding to a core set of principles that guide our mission and guide our decisions. We want our clients to live a better life because they hired us than if they tried to do it alone; and, we want our clients to live a better life because they hired our firm than any other firm in the world.

Our Firm's main page is You can find more about who we are and what we do on that site. 

You can find out about our Firm's Estate Planning Department at  Remember, EVERYONE needs a Healthy Estate Plan! ™


Other notable sites under development

Our Firm wants to SAVE MARRIAGES. As part of that, we are creating a site at that is designed to: (1) help a bad marriage become good again, (2) help a good marriage become a great marriage, and (3) help keep great marriages great. is the favorite ambition of our founder, Dana C. Palmer. Helping marriages be healthy is the greatest way we can help our society and the families in it. is a companion site to We are the same Firm, with the same philosophy, but our clients come from a variety of circumstances. Some of our clients are truly facing having to live through a nightmarish Hard Divorce. If your spouse has threatened to take your children away from you, ruin you financially, and make your life a living nightmare, then we call that a Hard Divorce. If that's NOT what you want, then we are here to help you prevent that as much as possible.  If you want a Hard Divorce or if you want revenge, then we are not the right law firm for you. But if you want to get through the divorce process in the healthiest way that you can, then we are here to help you get through a Hard Divorce in the healthiest way that we can.

Dana Palmer's Statement: is our site that will be dedicated exclusively to adoptions and education about the adoption process. WE LOVE ADOPTIONS! Adding a new member to your family is a true blessing that makes the world a better place. Summer and I have adoption in our own immediate family. Adoptions are the happiest things that ever happen at the courthouse. It's the one time you can bring cake to court! is a companion site to Healthy Divorce ™ stands for the same set of principles that our SoftDivorce ® brand does. We want our clients to get through the divorce process in the healthiest way possible. 

Would you like to be involved in these sites?

You can donate here to help us fund these sites. Your generous gift is very appreciated. Send your resume with your salary history and a customized cover letter to:

We have represented a variety of medical professionals including doctors, dentists, internists, anesthesiologists, chiropractors, and nurses. Medical professionals have a unique set of circumstances and needs when facing the divorce process. We have to protect their licenses and practices. Divorces can get very ugly so we try to prevent that from happening.

Dana Palmer's Statement: may be the hardest project for us to tackle. As a Christian businessman, I don't like when people trade business in the name of the lord and I don't want to be someone that does. My faith drives me and guides me. I created our firm out of duty to the Lord. I sacrifice my time, my talent, and my gifts to the Lord. It all belongs to God, I am just the steward of what he has entrusted to me. I very much know that the Lord does not want us to experience divorce. But I know that the Lord does permit divorce. Because of the nature of my work, when I meet a new person whose marriage is almost ready to end I am often the last guard at the gate for God to possibly help someone save their marriage. Christians do get divorced. So do people of all faiths and we do not discriminate against clients of any faith who come to us. But I do my best to save their marriages and to demonstrate God's love to them. I intend to dedicate to address the needs of those who are hurting and need faithful discussion and information about Christianity and divorce. is a companion site to It will elaborate on the probate process and on what steps you can take to avoid the difficulties about it.

Airline Pilots are one of a specialized group of people who have very different schedules. Those schedules require special, customized child custody arrangements. will be designed to discuss those specific needs.