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I recently had the distinct pleasure in receiving outstanding legal counseling particularly by a truly knowledgeable, wise, and respectful attorney named Daniel Bohmer. I have been divorced over six years and have had many attorneys over the years. I can honestly say that Mr. Daniel Bohmer’s professional legal intellect, expertise, and amazingly friendly and genuine concern and consideration vastly surpasses all the other attorneys I’ve ever had combined. I highly recommend the Palmer Law Group to anyone, and only wish I could give them more than a 5 star rating. I look forward to working with Mr. Daniel Bohmer again in the future, and if you are fortunate enough to work with Attorney Daniel Bohmer, I feel confident you will be happy with his hard work, dedication, and overall service you receive from him. God bless and good luck.
— Jesse, March 2017

Let me start to say that I firmly believe that regardless of what another adult does to you, you must do what is best for the kids. I have held to that belief of mine all these years and held stronger to it during some tougher times (even though at times it was hard).

When I was served with divorce papers about 14 months ago, I first learned of this firm as they represented my then estranged husband (now as of today, legally my ex-husband). Even through the chaos that ensued when I desperately tried to find an attorney for the hearing, it was obvious that Dana Palmer and his team cared about the kids in these situations. When I spoke with him during that week, it was obvious that he was a good person. Not going to lie, there have been countless times during the first part of the process that I wished I would have found this law firm before my ex did. Haha

Anyway while the divorce took longer than I would have liked, that was mainly due to a con artist of an attorney i had hired in the beginning and the mind games he liked to play. (I truly regret wasting my time and money on that guy!)

Anyway but to the point, from the beginning until the end, this firm was pleasant to work with. I wish I would have gone with my first gut feeling and had worked out a settlement before the hearing last year. Once we spoke on the phone, it took only a little over two hours for us to have an agreement we all wanted all typed up and ready to go.

Daniel Bohmer was the attorney who did the prove up hearing this morning with me, and he did an amazing job. He was pleasant to work with and he explained the entire process, all while putting me at ease when I sat in the courtroom.

As someone who dealt with this firm from the opposing side, if your ex has hired them, talk to them on the phone. This firm is one of the few out there that truly cares about the most important aspect of a divorce with children, the kids.

Now only time will tell whether my ex and I will be able to co-parent effectively again (as we had not been together for around 5 1/2 years come today), however, I at least know that my son, who is what matters in this entire thing, will have the type of contact he needs and deserves.

This may sound strange coming from someone on the opposing side, but if you and your husband or wife are going the route of divorce, hire this firm. They will do what is best.
— Martha, Opposing Party, October 2016

Sometimes you get lucky even in the worst circumstances. Dana and his associates at Soft Divorce were extremely friendly and thorough, and even caught a ploy from (she who must not be named)’s lawyer’s decree that could have cost me over $100,000 and a lot more headaches. *High Five! The best part was that his prices were fair and all told were less than half of what I expected to pay. *Second High Five!
— Kris, April 2015


Dana took care of my divorce. He made a the best of a bad situation, and was able to get both sides to agree to mutually beneficial terms. I truly enjoy my custody order. Dana setup a custody agreement where we both get to spend ample time with our daughter.

I could not have asked for more.
— Jason, November 2014

I’ve had a great experience with Dana’s firm.

He helped answer all my questions and helped me finalize my divorce even though I live out of state now. I’m very happy with my results and would definitely recommend the Soft Divorce over a Hard Divorce any time. I would highly recommend this firm to my friends and to anyone in need of an attorney who can get the job done quickly and worry free.
— Laura, a Divorce client, September 2014


After I foolishly signed a completely unfair, one sided divorce decree, Mr. Palmer somehow was able to change many of very important details that I was not even aware of, as well as some details that were just plain unfair. After it was all said and done, it felt like a 50/50 split instead of a 85/15. My only regret is that I didn’t hire him before I signed the final decree of divorce. Thank you Dana, you made the next 16 years much better than they would have been.
— Brian, a divorce client, April 2014


Not going to lie. I talked to a few lawyers before making a selection. They all seemed to say the same thing. So I chose Dana because of his Soft Divorce philosophy. And his name... It was just a coin toss at that point. But it turns out it was the wisest move I could have made. I began this process over 18 months ago. I chose Soft Divorce because I am trying to divorce someone who is certifiably mentally ill. I did not want to hurt him or cause more pain. I just wanted a divorce. This has proven to be a monumentally difficult, if not impossible task since my husband is not only mentally impaired, but he insists on representing himself. Dana has been compassionate and patient through the whole process. While we are still in the process, he has taken all of the necessary steps to provide for my safety and well being. He has also worked through the courts to provide a legal avenue for me to continue to protect my assets in the interim. I may be his first Hard Divorce case! I would highly recommend his firm for any family law needs. The entire firm is responsive and knowledgeable. They prove they really care through their actions, not just their words.
— Dana (girl dana), a Divorce Client, May 2014


I was a mess. I wanted and needed a divorce, and I wanted to hurt as few people as possible as little as possible. My former husband was unpredictable but a good person - we just could not go on living together and have healthy lives. I didn’t want a “junk-yard dog” or a “hammer” who would rip everyone involved to shreds; I wanted no drama, no expensive restraining orders or extra activities designed to be mean or vengeful, no more hugely negative stress on anyone, especially me.

I wanted to be protected: to hand my problems over to a lawyer who would take all that stress and pressure off of me and solve my problems, treating everyone with dignity and compassion. I also demanded that he get the job done as quickly as possible, fairly but firmly, so that I could get on with my future.

Dana and his entire firm were responsive, caring professionals.

They always did what they promised, delivered on time, were accurate, performed follow up and never forgot details. Dana himself talked me off several ledges when I was confused and not thinking things through.

Dana was thoughtful; he really took the time my special circumstances required, and created a solution and proposal that I would never have thought of. It is amazing how sharp his mind is. I know now that divorce does not have to be a slaughter or a toxic, horrible fight. Dana Palmer has found a way to help people get to a healthier place in their lives, even through divorce. My case could have been disastrous, with tears and pain, hatefulness and revenge. But it wasn’t because Dana knows how to handle people and situations in crisis, with concern and caring. He really listens.

Most of all, I felt safe. I felt that Dana would get me to my goals in the right way. I trusted Dana Palmer and still do. I don’t ever have to look for legal representation again because although I have worked for several fine attorneys in the past, he was the one I hired when I needed one most. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I go out of my way to proactively tell people they should consult with him.
— Dinah, January 2014

I will update this when the case is finalized, but want to give my ‘feelings so far’, as it were.

It’s not often that in a hard situation, such as cases involving your children, (and faced with hiring a ‘stranger’ to protect this most precious asset), that you find the perfect fit. But that has been my experience with the Palmer Law Group.

I have found every member of their staff, from the very first phone call to be extremely courteous and competent. I came to them disheartened and with a feeling of dread and, though (as stated at the beginning) we don’t yet know the outcome of the case, today I am calm and confident.

I am immensely glad we hired Palmer Law Group. I consider them family.
— Ron, November 2016

Going through a divorce is hard on everyone. The lawyer I worked with had so much compassion, guidance, and insight on how to navigate the process. If I didn’t understand legal jargon they broke it down so I was fully aware. I spoke with the owner personally during the course of this process and he was remarkable at easing the stress and took the time to deal with the situation that needed addressing. I highly recommend this law firm to guide and navigate anyone. Their kindness, expertise, and guidance is exactly what a client needs to make it through a very difficult and emotional process. Their price point makes them accessible and I truly believe I got value for money. They strive to give 5 star service and do so exceptionally. I highly recommend The Dana Palmer Law group.
— Wendy, October 2016

Wish I could give more than 5 stars!! They are the best...awesome firm!!
— Takila, March 2016

Mr. Palmer was very attentive, understanding, compassionate and kind during our consultation. Due to the nature and timing of my dilemma I was unable to move forward in this situation. However, I would not hesitate to recommend Dana to anyone in need of family law representation. I have no doubt he will put his heart and soul into being your legal representative.
— Suzy, February 2016


Dana Palmer and his staff are very courteous, professional and knowledgeable. He exhibited concern beyond our attorney/client relationship. He understood my financial struggles resulting from my case, and accepted a comfortable payment plan. When I need counsel outside his expertise area, he makes prompt referrals. He encourages and applauds me while imparting words of wisdom. I continue to recommend his services - I’m glad he was my attorney during such a difficult phase of my life. I give God all the praise, honor, and glory for connecting us.
— Jep, a divorce client, June 2014

I was very fortunate to have found one of the best lawyers in DFW.

Thanks to him and his team, I was able to have a friendly and peaceful divorce. This was very important to me because I have two children and didn’t want to put my kids through a difficult separation. He and his team were extremely professional and provided us with minimal stress and conflict. I would be more than happy to refer my closest friends to Dana Palmer if they ever need his services. Trust and care are very important especially when it comes to such a delicate matter.

I am truly thankful to have been blessed with Dana Palmer.
— Gabriela, December 2013


Dana and his staff are extremely friendly, knowledgeable and very professional. They assisted me when I needed somebody immediately that day for a child custody case! I couldn’t believe their quick response and turn around time. I was in good hands and my needs were taken care of 100%. I will be using them again in the future
— Leslie, December 2013


I would definitely recommend Mr. Dana Palmer with Soft Divorce. Earlier this year, Mr. Palmer helped my family with legal services and from the moment I dialed his firm, he and his staff were extremely responsive and professional. His staff made immediate accommodations for an urgent legal matter and made me feel very well taken care of throughout the process. I would highly recommend Soft Divorce to anyone wanting not only the best legal representation but also get an attorney and firm that care and it shows.
— Colleen, a Family Client, October 2013