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Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

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Up to 1 hour with one of our attorneys, either in-person for $197 or via telephone for $97.

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This is not a recommended product. Here is why. No one really knows what an initial consultation is. Is it for you to figure out if you like us before you're committed? Is is for us to figure out if we like you before we're committed? Is it for you to determine if we know what we're doing? Is it for us to determine whether you're crazy or have a good case? Are you trying to decide if you should get a divorce? Are you trying to determine if you're going to be ok if you do? Are you trying to get enough answers to not worry? What IS the point of an initial consultation? Most people don't know. But we do. It's kind of a little bit of each of those, but because of the unspecific, undefined nature of them, they are often chaotic, inefficient, and don't lead to the best solutions. To get the best use of our time, we lead you through the natural steps that every person always goes through. We guide you in a structured and organized way so that you get more out of the time and so that you have a better experience. That experience can set the tone of your journey down a much better path. So, then, how can we offer an initial consultation to you? Funny you should ask. First, we tell you all of that stuff I just wrote. Then we ask you whether you know for sure whether you should get a divorce or not. If the answer is no, then we take you through the decision counseling session. If the answer is yes, then we quickly take you through the decision counseling session to get answers that tell us certain things we need to know either way, then we take you through the divorce strategy session. That's where we analyze your exact personal situation to determine what strategies best fit your goals, based on your specific and unique life. We custom tailor our advice to you based on the goals you're trying to achieve and the facts and circumstances that are involved with your marriage and family. But we have to limit it to an hour for cost reasons. Sometimes you can get what you need, and sometimes you can't. But we will give you advice during the session - which is different than free ones. We'll make it worth the price. You worked hard for the money you pay. We want to make it worth our time that we'll spend with you, and worth your time and money that you'll spend with us.