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Welcome to Soft Divorce

Find what you need to go through the divorce process in the healthiest way possible, whether you are looking for a Healthy and Soft Divorce® or you are experiencing a Hard Divorce, you have come to the right place!

I Want to Get This Done!

Because Divorce Doesn't Have to Be so Hard!®

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Soft Divorce

Because Divorce Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard®! Any divorce is a challenge, but the Soft Divorce® concept is designed to make it as healthy as possible. Find the solutions that work for your situation here.

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Healthy Divorce

The true purpose of a divorce should be to take you out of an unhealthy situation and into a healthy one. Find out how.  


You Are Not Alone

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The Solutions

Whatever the specifics of your divorce situation may be, we have a package for your situation! Using over 60 years of experience from the attorneys in our firm, we have analyzed the specifics of divorce cases, and are approaching divorce in a new way.

Help Me Decide

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Are you unsure about whether or not you should get a divorce? At Soft Divorce®, we know that Divorce is not always the solution, but we know the right questions to ask to find out. Schedule a Decision Counseling Session today. 

Strategy Session

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This is a session where you sit with an attorney and identify the strategies that you will use to get a divorce, based on the resources that you have available to you. These strategies might be anything from a “Do-It-Yourself” divorce to a "Full Representation by Counsel" Matter. 
This session will help you discern:

- What you need to do in order to protect your children, your assets, and to have the healthiest future you possibly can.
- What strategies you should use and when.
- When you can (or should) do it yourself.
- When do you need professional assistance and what for.


We Handle It

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We are here to help: Whatever your situation is, our knowledgeable attorneys and staff have years of experience in finding the healthiest solutions for all parties involved. We offer a variety of solutions, all designed at getting you through the divorce process in the softest way possible, because divorce doesn't have to be so hard®.

I'm Ready to Choose
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Dana C. Palmer, Esq.

I am the Founder and CEO of Soft Divorce®. I do what I do because I believe that a Soft Divorce® is better than a hard divorce. It is my life’s mission to change the way that people approach the divorce process.  I want to help people get through the divorce process in the healthiest way possible.

See the rest of the team.

Dana Palmer and his team are extremely professional individuals and were available to discuss my case at times that were convenient for me. They took over all communication with opposing counsel immediately and made the process as stress free for me as possible. 

Throughout the proceedings they were organized and helpful in every aspect. They demonstrated the skills necessary to actively advocate on my behalf and always treated my case with attention and care. I highly recommend Dana Palmer as a compassionate and diligent attorney.
- Soft Divorce® Client
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After I foolishly signed a completely unfair, one sided divorce decree, Mr. Palmer somehow was able to change many of very important details that I was not even aware of, as well as some details that were just plain unfair. After is was all said and done, it felt like a 50/50 split instead of 85/15. My only regret is that I didn't hire him before I signed the [original] decree of divorce. 
Thank you, Dana, you made the next 16 years much better than they would have been.
Brian, a Divorce client